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Our Products

DocQnet have developed software platforms for numerous industries including Financial Services Industry and the Aviation Industry:

Cost effective solutions built in the latest technology, architected to the cloud, and designed for rapid deployment.




Having invested a significant amount of time and R&D in a variety of vertical segments we were able to develop innovative solutions which addressed some of the common industry challenges they faced. We have advanced these solutions and products in order to offer them to the broader market.

All the above products were designed as cost-effective solutions built with the latest technology, for numerous platforms, architected for the cloud, and designed for rapid deployment. These agile products ensure you see results quickly, are not disruptive to existing systems or processes and are accessible from anywhere.


DocQnet digital solutions is proud to present our CREWROSTER™ solution. CREWROSTER™ is a unique rostering solution that allows airlines to create efficient crew rosters using our unique “preference builder” to create and manage individual rosters based on seniority, fleet, base, crew agreement and training requirements whilst ensuring that aviation rules and qualifications are enforced.


CREWROSTER™ tracks all aspects of the complex rules that govern flight operation while allowing for flexibility to suit all crew types (Flight, Cabin and Technical); the ability to bid for preferred parings (routs); the ability to select travel companions where applicable and receive comprehensive audit reports of the entire process.


CREWROSTER™ allows airlines to optimise rostering with our “scenario simulator” which provides for scenario planning. With the simulation feature parings and roster information can be optimised before committing the rosters. The product also provides rule testing and configuration with the click of a button to further enable airline optimisation and crew efficiency.


CREWROSTER™ has being built on the latest technology allowing our solution to be easily and quickly adapted to new rostering and bidding requirements. Whether your airline operates on a seniority or fair share approach our rules engine can accommodate all scenarios and rule sets can be configured for different fleets or bases (hubs) within the same airline.

Cloud Services

CREWROSTER™ is a cloud based solution and is available on pc’s and mobile devises all over the world.

End-to-end solution for Insurance and Assurance


Having worked with the Financial and Insurance industry for some years we recognised critical gaps that were hampering and slowing down the pace of business and at the same time draining unnecessary resources. With the input of some key clients we crafted a solution to actively address these common challenges.

Our Insurance Platform

“We provide pre-built modules that address the entire Insurance Life Cycle, from customer on-boarding to claim settlement. Focussing on the customer journey while increasing internal process efficiencies, our goal is to make your process seamless and invisible.

Our Insurance Solution Framework is aimed at addressing the following challenges in the market:

Channels & Distribution

Shift of power and distribution model towards
end-customers, omni-chanel distribution

Time To Market

Quick time-to-market capabilities

Technology &
Business Model

Digitalization, lot and wearable, mobile, analytics & big data, cloud
& SaaS, new external market entrants

Cost & Efficiency

Reducing cost of ownership across IT operation


Giving business power to configure

Our Engagement Methodology

To ensure the best possible outcome, we engage in an initial gap analysis to ascertain the unique requirements of your business and customers. Once a clear understanding has been achieved we allocate specific modules most suited to the process, these are then configured specifically for your unique requirements and environment. This process allows for incredibly rapid implementation, based on your priorities and required quick wins in the business, allowing your stakeholders to see immediate benefits.

ID Admin Service for regulatory compliance

Cloud Services

Our ID Admin product enables superior Know Your Client (KYC) identification services. It is a highly secure cloud based document storage, delivery and verification service. It gives your business immediate capability to access and safekeep regulatory information required for client on-boarding in a totally secure and audited fashion.  Relevant documents and data are held in a completely secure (encrypted) folder structure. The application can support  mobile, tablet or laptop devices.

Our solution maintains a complete audit trail of all system activity, including access to a document/ info for viewing, or downloading. Information held in our system is irrefutable from a regulatory perspective as it cannot be deleted or changed.

KYC verification of personal information will be done against trusted data sources and these services can include:

  • Id verification
  • Address verification
  • Biometric verification that could one of the following or combination of:
    • Fingerprint
    • Facial
    • Retina
    • Voice

Other services that can be added to the above are:

  • Accreditation Info
  • Geospatial Info
  • Single View
  • Screening
  • Credit Rating
  • Notifications

Highly Secure

Checksum Validation and AES-256 bit Encryption |Pin protected| Enforces Information Security Policies | Virus Protected

Instant Collaboration

Instantaneous document & info delivery | Complete confidentiality | Reduce risk of loss or misrouting | Improve client retention

Superior Audibility

Full audit trails | Comprehensive reporting | Remove risk of repudiation | Full compliance with cloud computing best practice

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