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cloud applications

Application Development Services

Born to Help Companies Innovate and Compete with Apps

As one of the first South African organisations to onboard development platforms and agile methodologies supported by the cloud, DocQnet has led the way to blue chip organisations feeling safe and secure using Cloud technology. Our specialist niche is to use this technology to enable business agility in today’s fast-paced world.

DocQnet supplies turn-key application development services that ensure the successful deployment of software applications using state of the art technologies.

Solution Development Engineers

DocQnet prides itself on having one of the foremost, leading Application Engineering houses in the country.
Using agile development methodologies and Mendix, the leader in Application Development Plarforms, we are able to drive the necessary IT/business collaboration for solutions that enable, empower and enhance the business.

Using the Mendix platform we assist companies in building, integrating, deploying and maintaining web and mobile applications faster and with better results, effectively reducing time to value.

All our Application engineers are qualified Mendix engineers and business professionals in their own right. This critical combination allows for a more holistic and empathetic view of the business environment with a technical eye for innovation.
The skills we have onboard include: Lead Architects, Lead Delivery Engineers, Senior Engineers, and Engineers.

Our Approach

The preferred approach is to provision the complete team necessary to facilitate the professional delivery of the solution, including project management, architecture, design, application build and testing. Using the skills of our Professional Application Engineers the process of scoping, alignment and implementation is seamless and effective.

Our Methodology

Your platform to turn ideas into apps

Bespoke Application Development

We provide affordable, flexible and expedient apps built to purpose, on any platform. What we don’t have, we build! 

On request, the factory can provide turn-key development services for bespoke development. Using our agile development methodology we drive Business & IT collaboration ensuring better business outcomes and ROI.
The factory core value proposition is its ability to reduce Time-to-Market and thereby improve our customer’s ability to gain market share.

Rapid Apps to Innovate and Compete

Our Approach

Having a library of prebuilt platforms allows us, after a thorough gap analysis, to add or rapidly customize and configure a solution for the client. The ability to recognize and fill the gap quickly and effectively allows the business to get up and running sooner, reduces the cost of a new build and reduces the risk of a long term costly investment.

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No.7 Stirrup Lane, Woodmead Office Park, Van Reenen Avenue, Woodmead, 2191



find us

No.7 Stirrup Lane, Woodmead Office Park, Van Reenen Avenue, Woodmead, 2191