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Secure Digital Vault


Secure online document delivery and storage

Using the world’s most secure document collaboration technology, Safe4, you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to ensuring the integrity of your organisation and client’s information.

Highly Secure

Checksum Validation and AES-256bit
Encryption | Pin Protected | Enforces Information Security Policies | Virus Protected

Instant Collaboration

Instantaneous document delivery | Complete confidentiality | Reduce risk of loss
or misrouting | Improve client retention

Superior Auditability

Full audit trails | Comprehensive
reporting | Remove risk of reputation | Full compliance with cloud computing best practice

Safe4 provides your business with an immediate facility for getting critical documents and any electronic file to your clients in a totally secure and audited fashion. This mobile friendly but totally secure cloud environment is accessible from any device including laptops, tablets and mobile phones, and from anywhere one has internet access. With the onus of responsibility on organisations for maintaining the integrity of client information what it is today, investing in the most secure digital solution becomes non negotiable, and Safe4 provides complete assurance. Some of the largest and most prestigious institutions in the world use this technology to ensure data is comprehensively protected and controlled, whilst maintaining ease of access.

To ensure a 100% monitored and locked down environment we begin with a secure connection between the hosts browser and the Safe4 servers which is enabled through the use of TLS (Transport Layer Security, the successor to SSL).

Safe4 is designed to provide support for your information security policies and white listing enables control of the individual types of files supported and uploaded. Where more stringent requirements are needed Safe4 provides support for validating protective markings.

A live audit trail of all system activity is available, including when the client has opened a document for viewing, or downloaded it. This tracking service can be used to prove or view a documents lifecycle, should this ever be subject to dispute. Automatic versioning of documents is also maintained.

As Safe4 audit trails cannot be edited or manipulated, the tool assists organisations in maintaining and aligning with all necessary regulatory compliance.

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