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Application Works


The Application Works is a software factory aimed at helping organisations to innovate through the use of superior applications.
The factory is focused on the development of cloud solutions including mobile applications.

“Out of the box” Application Solutions

Amongst many others, DocQnet has specialised in providing Out of the Box solutions covering applications such as Single View of a Customer, Master Data Management, Sales Management, and a Product Generation Engine for the financial services industry.

Our solutions include:

Bespoke Application Development

We provide affordable, flexible and expedient apps built to purpose, on any platform. What we don’t have, we build! 

On request, the factory can provide turn-key development services for bespoke development. Using our agile development methodology we drive Business & IT collaboration ensuring better business outcomes and ROI.
The factory core value proposition is its ability to reduce Time-to-Market and thereby improve our customer’s ability to gain market share.

Rapid Apps to Innovate and Compete


Our Preferred Approach

Our preferred development platform is Mendix, which is Model-Driven yet extensible with code, allowing for immense flexibility without the overladen costs usually associated with this kind of development. The Factory follows an agile development methodology that supports the entire Application Delivery Cycle from start to finish, adjusting as the project develops allowing for unexpected business requirements, inherent nuances in the organisation and a responsive approach to the solution and outcome.

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Building 2, Pinewood Office Park
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Building 2, Pinewood Office Park
33 Riley St, Woodmead, 2191